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With a variety of styles, material & color of metal roof systems for your home, business or commercial property, you will find a roof that looks great and that’s built to last. Buy direct from the factory and save. 

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Tri-State Metal Roofing Supply, proudly serving Bountiful, is a trusted supplier renowned for its comprehensive inventory of roofing materials. Their selection includes the highly sought-after Tuff Rib, R Panel, Standing Seam, Corrugated Panel, and Trim Profile products, perfectly tailored to meet the needs of construction and renovation projects within Bountiful.

Tuff Rib panels deliver durability and cost-effectiveness, making them a preferred choice for both residential and commercial applications in Bountiful. The versatile R Panel is equally adept at roofing and siding, providing a versatile solution. Meanwhile, the sleek Standing Seam option ensures modern aesthetics and outstanding weather resistance. For a timeless look, the Corrugated Panel is a classic choice, and the Trim Profile products add those essential finishing touches to create a polished appearance.

With a steadfast commitment to quality and a wide-ranging product selection, Tri-State Metal Roofing Supply is the trusted partner for all your roofing needs in Bountiful. Their knowledgeable team and top-tier products make them an invaluable resource for the local construction industry. With our locations in Riverdale, Payson and St George, we proudly serve throughout the Wasatch Front from Logan to Park City to Bountiful, Utah.

Tuff Rib

Tuff-rib, aka “classic rib”, is the most affordable metal roofing option with an exposed fastener system. Providing 36” of coverage, panels can be cut to length and available in 29-gauge in all colors. Originally designed for agricultural buildings, Tuff-rib is what moved the metal industry into modern-day homes. This style provides a unique, sleek and long-lasting finish to your home.

R Panel

With exposed fasteners, the PBR panel is ideal for DIYers and quick applications. It’s easier to install than other types of metal panels and makes the perfect choice for those wanting to install themselves.

Standing Seam

Standing seam panels can give your home an amazing modern look coupled with spectacular durability. A standing seam metal roof is the ideal system for anyone looking for a lower maintenance look. The biggest draw for this product is the hidden fastener. This feature provides peace of mind for many years as you do not need to worry about washers eroding away from weather allowing for less maintenance through the years.

Corrugated Panels

The corrugated style is the ‘original’ metal look. It is what most people think of when thinking of metal on an outdoor structure. Corrugated metal provides a timeless look and is now available in many colors. While the classic bare metal, made to rust, is still an option, many home and business owners love the traditional look in a new color that matches their home.

Wall Panel

Wall panels are a versatile item. Flat wall panels are exterior or interior panel systems that create a flush appearance along the surface of the panel. These panels can range in shape and size and are often used in both interior and exterior applications.

Soffit Panel

Soffit is an exterior or interior architectural feature, generally on the underside of any construction element. Soffit provides weather protection and a finished look to any structure.

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As a full-service trim fabricator and panel manufacturer, we are your one stop shop for any roofing and siding products. Our customer service and lead times are unbeatable with same-day pickup on many orders. Proudly producing the highest quality, full-warranty products with the best American-made steel. With our extremely competitive prices, we are happy to serve you at one of our three locations.

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"Absolutely recommend these guys. I had them cut and bend some custom size trim and when I got it all home realized one end was too wide. Called them and they reworked the order for me no charge 👍 "

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"The best metal roofing company we were able to get a quote from. Very friendly and helpful customer service. They ensured we got all the things needed in our quote. We love that they custom cut the panels."

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"Great staff, good prices and products. Got custom metal bent on the spot. Stoked to have a metal supplier this close to home."

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