What are Wall Panels?

Flat wall panels are exterior or interior panel systems that create a flush appearance along the surface of the panel. These panels can range in shape and size, and are often used in both interior and exterior applications. 

Why Choose Wall Panels from Tri-State?

  • Add a fire barrier 
  • Prevent water build-up from creating mold or decaying problems 
  • Can be used as a wainscoting for an added flare/stand-out look to the building 
  • Highly durable, rarely require additional framing, easy to replace if needed 
  • 40-year paint warranty 
  • Quicker installation 
  • Cut to length (soffit is only available in 10’ sections) 
  • Can be used as soffit 
  • Only available in 26 gauge
Vented Wall Panels

Traditionally used where extra ventilation is needed outside. Can be used inside for an added look to the room they are in. Would not recommend wainscoting along the outside, bottom part of the building (where traditional wainscoting goes) due to the small perforations in the panels. While the holes are tiny, small bugs can still climb in from the dirt, plus they hold the dirt more.

Non-vented striations

Striations add a different look to the panels. Can be used outside along the bottom of the building.

Non-vented flat/no texture

Striations add a different look to the panels. Can be used outside along the bottom of the building.

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